East County Little League

Local Rules

All divisions shall be subject the Local Rules, unless otherwise stated.

All player matters shall be brought to the attention of the Player Agent who shall bring such matters, as applicable, before the eBoard.

Ground Rules: The Fields & Grounds Coordinator, Director of Umpires, and VP of Baseball and Softball will be responsible for setting any ground rules needed on the fields being used before the season starts. These rules will be incorporated into the By Laws and provided to the managers concerned before the season starts. Additionally, the ground rules shall be discussed prior to each game at the pre-game meeting by the home plate umpire.

Time Limit: For A, AA and AAA Baseball and Softball only, no new inning shall start after 1 hours and 45 minutes of the official start time. By definition, a new inning officially begins when the last out is completed in the bottom half of the previous inning. The "official start time" is announced by the home plate umpire at the pregame meeting at home plate. There is no time limit for Major Baseball and Softball and above divisions.

Tie games: For all competitive games in both Baseball and Softball which result in a tie will remain a tie and be posted as such, unless the minimum number of innings has not yet been reached. In which case, a continuation will be scheduled.

Field and Weather Conditions: Once a game begins, the Umpire in Chief for each game has sole responsibility to determine if field and weather conditions are acceptable with regards to darkness and/or rain. He/She is the only person that can suspend a game for such conditions.

Rescheduling of Games: Any games suspended prior to becoming official need to be forwarded to the VP of Baseball and Softball to be rescheduled. The VP of Baseball and Softball has the final say as to when games are rescheduled. This is not negotiable. Any competitive division games containing a reschedule shall be handled in the following manner: The umpire shall call a "no game" and refer the reschedule to the Executive Board of Directors for review. A minimum of 9 players must be present for each team to begin any competitive division game.

All teams including players, managers, coaches, and spectators are responsible for cleaning up and properly disposing of all garbage on and around their field after each game.

ECLL opts to invoke the 10-run rule as so allowed in Rule 4.10(e) of the Little League Official Rules and Regulations.

Inter-leaguing Divisions will follow District rules or Little League rules outlined in appropriate rulebook.

Pets, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited at any East County Little League event.

Managers are responsible for having a copy of a completed and signed Medical Release form for each player on their team prior to the start of any team practices. A copy must be also turned in to their respective Player Agent for the league's files. The Medical Release forms must be present for all team practices and games. Any players who have not turned in a completed form may not participate in their team's practices or games. Additionally, a completed Doctor's Physical form must be turned into the Player Agent prior to Opening Day. Any players who have not turned in a completed Doctor's Physical form may not participate in their team's games

For safety reasons, no open toed sandals or shoes of any kind are allowed on the playing field or in the dugout during any ECLL game or practice.