East County Little League

League Age Charts

In Little League age is determined differently for Baseball and Softball. At East County Little League our NON-COMPETITIVE divisions are typically ages - T-ball 4-5, Farm 5-6, Single A BB 7-8. BASEBALL competitive divisions ages 8 and up - AA BB 8-10, AAA BB 9-11, Major BB 10-12. SOFTBALL starts competitive at age 7 in our AA Softball division. Note that every year there are a few girls with birthdates that may be eligible for both Farm AND old enough for AA softball. We leave this up to the parents discretion AND prior experience AND league approval (due to safety of the child).

To confirm what LEAGUE AGE your child is you can use the little league calculator at Little League Age Calculator. Or see the charts below. Note that these are based on Little League International rules, not ECLL.