East County Little League

Challenger Division

Section 1. The Challenger Division is a flexibly structured division provided to meet the athletic needs of those children from ages 4 through 22 or eligibility placement within the school district, who are not able by virtue of mental or physical disability, even with reasonable accommodation, to compete in unrestricted league play. It is noted that whenever possible, with reasonable accommodations, such children should participate in unrestricted league play provided that play at their age level is both possible and fair within the rules and regulations of Little League Baseball.
Section 2. The Challenger Division of the ECLL shall operate within the guidelines prescribed in the Official Regulations and Playing Rules for Challenger Divisions by Little League Baseball.
Section 3. Challenger player transition process to other divisions: A) Player must register and pay fees for the division requesting to play in. B) Player's parent/guardian must submit a written request to ECLL (e-mail or written letter) stating any necessary accommodations to play in other divisions of little league. C) Registration and e-mail/letter will be reviewed by the Executive Board and Challenger Coordinator(s). The determination to accept or decline request for transition shall be made and communicated to player's family within 24 hours of determination. D) Player is to be placed accordingly (on farm/t-ball team, in competitive draft, or on challenger team in accordance with determination). E) If player's parent/guardian later determine that other divisions of little league is more than player can manage, player may then move back to challenger division. Player will be placed on the challenger team that has the best available space, with no refund of registration fees, and no challenger uniform will be provided.
Section 4. Inter-leaguing Divisions will follow District rules or Little League rules outlined in appropriate rulebook.
Section 5. Pets, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited at any East County Little League event.
Section 6. Managers are responsible for having a copy of a completed and signed Medical Release form for each player on their team prior to the start of any team practices. A copy must be also turned in to their respective Player Agent for ECLL's files. The Medical Release forms must be present for all team practices and games. Any players who have not turned in a completed form may not participate in their team's practices or games. Additionally, a completed Doctor's Physical form must be turned into the Player Agent prior to Opening Day. Any players who have not turned in a completed Doctor's Physical form may not participate in their team's games
Section 7. For safety reasons, no open toed sandals or shoes of any kind are allowed on the playing field or in the dugout during any ECLL game or practice.