East County Little League

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Junior Baseball Rules


Section 1. Limited to league ages 13 & 14. All teams will have at least 10 but not more than 15 players.
Players in this division are property of the division and not of any specific team. Each player must tryout
each year as all teams will be redrafted every year.
Section 2. ECLL may decide to combine Junior and Senior Baseball Divisions depending on how many
players sign up each season. League age 13-14 year olds are eligible to play Senior Baseball if ECLL
decides that there are not enough players signed up to run a Junior Baseball division.
Section 3. Play will be on regulation diamond with 90-foot base paths.
Section 4. Balks will be called from the start of the season.
Section 5. Refer to "Pitch Count" rules put forth by Little League and/or the district.
Section 6. Junior Baseball Division Champions will be determined by a playoff system which will be
played at the conclusion of the regular season. See Article XXX for details about the playoffs.