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T-Ball Rules


Section 1. Limited to league ages 4 & 5. This is a coed division. ECLL age of all players (boys and girls) in
this division is determined by the baseball league age cutoff date (August 31st of the calendar year).
Section 2. There are no wins, losses or forfeits in Tee Ball.
Section 3. Score will not be kept.
Section 4. A batting tee shall be used during the 1st half of the season. During the 2nd half of the
season, the manager or a coach may pitch the ball. If pitched, and the batter has not hit the ball after 5
tries, the tee will be used until the batter puts the ball in play.
Section 5. Outs will be called on the bases by the defensive coaches with players not allowed to remain
on base if called out. However, outs will not count toward retirement of the offensive team; which shall
be retired only once the entire order has batted in that inning.
Section 6. It is the responsibility of the offensive coach/pitcher to place the ball and tee in position for
play, and to remove the tee immediately after the ball is hit so that it will neither present a hazard to
the players nor interfere with any subsequent play.
Section 7. The defensive coach shall play his/her entire roster on the field. However, infield positions
shall conform to those of regulation baseball.
Section 8. In consideration of the non-competitive nature and beginning skill level of this division, a
batted ball shall be considered dead and runners may no longer advance beyond the base to which they
are already at or headed once the ball has been fielded and returned to within the confines of the
Section 9. No sliding or bunting is allowed.
Section 10. Tee Ball uses the regulation Tee Ball (Incrediball).
Section 11. Parents may request assignment preferences in Tee Ball division. Preference may be a
request to be assigned to a particular team or manager or with a sibling or a particular child. ECLL
cannot guarantee assignment requests.
Section 12. 1 coach must remain in the dugout at all times when players are present in dugout, and
remaining coaches present may be on the field at any one time per team.
Section 13. Time Limit: No new inning shall begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes of the scheduled game
time. This is not a drop dead time limit. Once an inning begins, it must be completed unless weather
conditions require the game to be halted.
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