East County Little League

Player Draft

The drafting of teams will be conducted within the guidelines set forth in the Little League Baseball, Inc. Operating Manual.

Evaluations for draft, also called tryouts, will be held by league age groups. There will be at least 2 scheduled tryouts for each age group. All players league age 7 or older who registered for baseball or softball MUST attend a minimum of one (1) tryout. Any player league age 7 or older who fails to attend a minimum of one (1) tryout must provide a written reason for their absence to the Player Agent. A written reason from a parent or guardian to the Player Agent will also be accepted. Player Agent will present submitted reason to the Board of Directors. Should the reason be accepted by Board, said player may be placed in draft. Should the reason not be accepted by the Board, said player will be placed on a waiting list and placed on a team if and when a vacancy occurs.

Parents may request assignment preferences for Farm and Tee Ball divisions only, as these teams are assigned and not drafted.

The drafts for Baseball and Softball shall be conducted in order of Majors, AAA, AA, and A. At each level, the Player Agent will insure that no eligible player candidate is allowed to fall below the highest level at which they played the previous season. For example, a AAA player from the preceding season must be drafted at least to AAA. They cannot be allowed to be undrafted by the end of the AAA draft and fall to AA.

The specific order in which teams within each division shall draft shall be determined by blind draw prior to the start of the draft.

Trades will ONLY be allowed in the draft room immediately following the draft. The President, Vice President or next Executive Board member available at the draft will review and approve or deny each trade that is proposed. There will be no trades once you leave the draft room.

There will be no Property Players, all players registered will try out and will be drafted each year.