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AA Softball Rules


Section 1. Limited to league ages 7, 8 & 9.
Section 2. Teams are selected by draft and are normally but not necessarily limited to a roster of 12 players.
Section 3. Continuous Batting Order shall be used in this division. Each team shall field 9 players defensively.
Section 4. Minimum play rule is in effect.
Section 5. Coach pitch will be used all season. After ball four, an offensive coach will come onto the field to complete the batters turn at bat. Coach will assume strike count that the batter currently has. The home plate umpire shall continue to call balls and strikes until either the ball is put in play or the batter strikes out.
Section 6. Stealing and bunting is not allowed during coach pitch.
Section 7. The offensive team will be retired when either the defensive team completes 3 outs or the offensive team scores 5 runs; except in the 6th inning and beyond where there is no run limit. Section 8. AA Softball Division Champions will be determined by a playoff system which will be played at the conclusion of the regular season. See Article XXX for details about the playoffs.
Section 9. Interleague rules shall supersede if applicable