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A Baseball Rules


Section 1. Limited to league ages 7 & 8. Teams are selected by draft and are normally but not
necessarily limited to a roster of 12 players. Player candidates must attend and complete one of the
scheduled tryouts to be drafted onto a team.
Section 2. Continuous Batting Order shall be used in this division. Defensively, only 9 players may be on
the field and minimum playtime rules are in effect.
Section 3. The offensive team is retired when either the defensive team completes three outs or after
the offensive team has batted completely through the batting order.
Section 4. Player/Coach pitch will be used during the entire season. After four balls, an offensive coach
will come onto the field to complete the batters turn at bat. Coach will assume strike count that the
batter currently has. The volunteer umpire shall continue to call balls and strikes until either the ball is
put in play or the batter strikes out. Offensive team must still have a coach in dugout while coach is on
the field pitching. The defensive team's pitcher must remain by the pitcher's mound (the pitcher cannot
go play another position). During coach pitch, the coach will pitch to the player from the pitcher's
Section 5. A player may not pitch more than 2 innings in any week. Refer to "Pitch Count" rules put
forth by Little League.
Section 6. The pitcher must be changed and shall not be allowed to pitch again in that same game once
they have hit 2 batters in one inning or 3 batters within one game.
Section 7. Stealing and bunting is not allowed in this division.
Section 8. The defensive team will provide volunteer to umpire behind pitcher.
Section 9. Single A division will use a level 5 ball.
Section 10. The pitching distance will be forty (40) feet. (Tip of plate to rubber)